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How to Select the Sexiest Playmates, Husbands & Wives


How to Measure the Sex Drive of Men & Women by Their Facial Features presents detailed guidelines for reading and interpreting the facial features that are directly linked to the sexual nature of the individual. Author Boye Lafayette De Mente offers guidelines for selecting sexiest playmates, husbands & wives. E-book available from

You can become an expert at “people-sexing” in moments using classic face-reading principles established ages ago by Chinese connoisseurs of sensual pleasure, or so says author Boyé Lafayette De Mente.

Internationally known for his pioneer books on the role of culture and language in the business practices of the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, De Mente says there is a genetic link between the size, shape and “quality” of the facial features and the built-in sexuality of individuals.

Now a resident of Paradise Valley, Arizona, De Mente studied the art and principles of face reading in China and Japan in the 1950s and 60s, wrote a book entitled Face-Reading for Fun & Profit, and gained some fame as a face-reader in the 1970s by appearing on What’s My Line in New York, and lecturing around the country.
De Mente says that some 60 of the 114 facial features described and illustrated in Face-Reading for Fun & Profit, particularly those involving the eyebrows, lips and mouth, are directly related to the sensual nature of the individual. “This sensual orientation of face reading apparently came about because of the extraordinary interest ancient Chinese physicians and scholars developed in the relationship between the facial features, health, sexual attractiveness, popularity of the individual, and success in life,” he adds.

De Mente notes that the sensual readings of the primary facial features, such as the size and shape of the mouth and the shape and thickness of the lips, are so obvious that most people accept them instinctively, while readings based on more subtle features are less obvious and their acceptance requires professional insight.

De Mente presents guidelines for what he calls “people-sexing” (the term is a play on chicken-sexing from the chicken hatching industry) in the illustrated digital books: Measuring the Sexuality of Men & Women by Their Facial Features; and Sexual Profiles of Famous People--available from

De Mente is the author of 60-plus other books on the business ethics, culture and languages of China, Japan, Korea and Mexico.

To see a full list of his books go to:

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