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Why Mexicans Think & Behave the Way They Do

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WHY MEXICANS THINK & BEHAVE THE WAY THEY DO! – The Cultural Factors that Created the Character & Personality of Mexicans,

by Boyé Lafayette De Mente.

Behavior of Mexican Men & Women
Attributed To Extreme Cultural Factors

Mexicans have a saying: Como México, no hay dos! (There is no other place like Mexico!), and author Boyé Lafayette De Mente not only agrees, he recounts in vivid and startling detail the cultural factors that created the character of both Mexican men and women.

He writes: “Mexico’s traditional values and morals were forged in a caldron of aggressive religious intolerance, corruption, racism, male chauvinism, and an elitist political system that connived with the Church to keep ordinary people ignorant and powerless, and deny them the most basic human rights.

“But the reality of Mexico, he adds, “has always been obscured behind a variety of masks—of piety, pride, courage, gaiety, indifference and stoicism.

He goes on to say that “Despite the fact that the traditional character of Mexicans is a mixture of medieval Catholicism, traditional Indian and Spanish authoritarianism, machoism and personalism, it has another face: an inherently joyful nature that manifests itself in music, singing, dancing and art.”

In this provocative book, De Mente relates how the sexual miscegenation policy of the Spanish conquistadors who destroyed the Aztec empire, and the Spanish administrators and military forces that followed them, created a new race of mix-bloods—mestizoes—whose only source of pride and dignity was in an extreme form of machoism and personalism that was to plague the country down to modern times.

De Mente also explains the Mexican view and use of time, of truth, of respect, of face, and the simpatico syndrome. He adds that the historical Catholic Church-inspired taboo against criticism of any kind—of any body about anything—was the primary factor in the continuation of the negative facets of Mexican culture until recent times.

Why Mexicans Think & Behave the Way They Do! should be of extraordinary interest and use to business people, teachers and students. De Mente not only points out the cultural pitfalls most people encounter when dealing with Mexicans, he provides pointers on how to avoid them and turn Mexican culture into a plus.

The book is available (in both digital and paperback versions) to consumers from and other online booksellers, and to the book trade from the Ingram Book Company and Baker & Taylor.

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