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ROMANTIC MEXICO – The Image & the Realities (The Charm, the Eroticism, the Magic & the Violence!), by Boyé Lafayette De Mente.

News Release:

Romantic Image of Mexico
Made in Hollywood—But!

The romantic image that most people have of Mexico was made in Hollywood—but it is not all fiction. In fact, it is valid enough that most people who go there with romance on their minds usually find it because it is in the air, says Arizona-based author Boyé Lafayette De Mente.

Romantic Mexico: The Images & the Realities (which the author describes as a “culture insight guide”) identifies and describes the exotic and erotic atmosphere of Mexico that makes it a happy hunting ground for men and women in search of romantic experiences.

De Mente says that Mexico owes its emphasis on the erotic to the macho cult brought to the country by the Arab-Moor-influenced Spanish conquistadores in the early 16th century, and to the new race of Spanish-Indian “Mestizoes” spawned by the hyper sexual Spanish conquerors and the administrators and soldiers who followed them.

For virtually all of the 300-year reign of Spain in Mexico, Spanish men, both those dispatched from Spain and those born in Mexico, had virtually free sexual access to both Indian and Mestizo women.

This situation, De Mente goes on, was unbearably frustrating to Mestizo men, and they compensated by behaving in an even more macho manner than their Spanish overlords.

“This same situation primed Mexican girls in sexuality from childhood on, but their behavior was extremely limited by the tenants of the all-powerful Catholic Church and by their fathers, brothers and husbands, making them even more frustrated than Mestizo males, who at least had access to mistresses and huge numbers of prostitutes,” he adds.

De Mente notes that the gradual emancipation of Mexican women since the mid-1950s and the accompanying erosion of the extremes of machoism in Mexico have given the urban areas of the country a kind of “sex-in-the-city” atmosphere...and he provides a number of do's and don'ts for visitors going to Mexico for romance.

Romantic Mexico is available (in both digital and paperback editions) to consumers from and other online booksellers, from Borders, Barnes and Noble and other retailers, and to the trade from Ingram Book Company and Baker & Taylor.

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