Monday, December 12, 2005


Romantic Hawaii -- Sun, Sand, Surf & Sex, by Boye Lafayette De Mente

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Sensual Customs of Early Hawaiians
Delighted Sailors; Shocked Missionaries

When the first white men showed up in Hawaii in 1778 it was the middle of a long fall and winter festival during which various sexual techniques were demonstrated by nude hula dancers, couples engaged in a “bowling for partners” game, and people played various other competitive sports.

The foreign explorers assumed that the Hawaiians never worked and that sex was a universal sport—so to speak.

American missionaries who arrived a few years later soon put a stop to the enlightened sexual customs of the Hawaiians, and tried their best to completely and permanently ban hula dancing and surfing (in the nude, of course).

But as time passed and the first generation of missionaries went to their reward, surfing, hula dancing and the pursuit of sexual pleasures regained some of the ground they had lost.

Today’s Hawaii is not as laid back as it was in its pre-missionary days, but, as laid bare by author Boyé Lafayette De Mente in Romantic Hawaii, the sun, the sand, the surf and the islands still work their seductive magic on residents and visitors alike.

De Mente says that for vacationers, going to Hawaii is like a honeymoon whether they are newlyweds or not.

In addition to the sexual practices of the early Hawaiians and the clash of cultures when Europeans and Americans began arriving on the scene, De Mente also covers the appearance and role of the famous Beach Boys of Waikiki, who were as well known for their attraction to female visitors as for their prowess with surf boards and canoes.

De Mente covers the present-day scene by focusing on several categories of residents and visitors—from military servicemen to students on spring break, female office workers, the latest crop of beachcombers, and randy businessmen.

Romantic Hawaii is available (in both digital and paperback versions) to consumers from and other online booksellers, and to the book trade from the Ingram Book Company and Baker & Taylor.

If you haven’t already made up your mind to go to Hawaii on vacation, this book will help you decide.

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