Monday, December 12, 2005


How to Measure the Sexuality of Men & Women by Their Facial Features

News Release:

How to Measure the Sexuality of Men & Women by Their Facial Features!

By Boyé Lafayette De Mente

Face-Reader Provides Detailed Guidelines
For Picking Most Passionate Partners

You can avoid the hit-and-miss method of selecting lovers and mates, and taking a chance on ending up with a “cold fish”—or so says internationally known author and face-reader Boyé Lafayette De Mente.

De Mente has published a manual entitled How to Measure the Sexuality of Men & Women by Their Facial Features that is based on folklore that goes back to ancient times.

According to De Mente, Chinese scholar-dilettantes were apparently the first to make detailed studies of the relationship between sexuality and facial features and to publish their findings.

He adds, “Of course, men and women have always used face-and-body-reading in their selection of sexual partners, but the majority have done so instinctively, automatically, without any formal knowledge.

“And some people like European Gypsies have long traditions of palm-and-face-reading in their cultures, but they did not focus specifically on facial features that relate to the sex-drive.”

Among the facial characteristics that De Mente says are powerful indicators of built-in sexuality are the size of the mouth, the thickness of the lips, the length of the space between the nose and the upper lip, the size of the eyes, the thickness and shape of the eyebrows, and the overall shape of the face.

De Mente notes that some of the points made in the manual (which is sub-titled “People-Sexing” after the profession of sexing young chicks to separate males from females), are obvious signs but most people ignore them in picking playmates and spouses.

“It seems that the immediate sexual needs fueled by unused hormones play more of a role in sexual selection than any of the more conspicuous facial signals,” he says.

De Mente also makes the obvious point that your facial features have a fundamental influence on how other people react to you, which, in turn has an impact on your chances for happiness and success in life.

“It therefore pays to know what both your handicaps and strengths are when it comes to your facial features,” he adds. “Women who pluck their eyebrows into thin lines, for example, are surely not aware of the message they are sending to men.”

In addition to detailing the sexual signals sent by the different facial features, the manual gives specific pointers on the sensual features to look for in men and women when you go out hunting.

The manual is available as a digital e-book from and other online book dealers, including Borders and Barnes and Noble.
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