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Cultural Code Words of the Hopi People, by Boye Lafayette De Mente

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CULTURAL CODE WORDS OF THE HOPI PEOPLE – Key Terms that Reveal the History, Heart, Traditional Customs & Wisdom of the Hopis,
by Boyé Lafayette De Mente.

Arizona’s Hopi Indians Say They
Arrived in New World on Large Rafts

The oral history of Arizona’s Hopi Indians tell them that they were the first human beings to inhabit the North and South American continents, and that they arrived from Asia aboard large rafts, island-hopping across the Pacific Ocean from Asia…not by the land bridge that once connected Alaska and Siberia.

The details of their arrival (apparently in what is now Guatemala), splitting up into groups and going in different directions to populate the two continents, are so detailed that it is hard to believe that they are no more than myths concocted for some ulterior purpose.

In this provocative book, Boyé Lafayette De Mente, known for his books on the cultures of China, Japan, Korea and Mexico, uses key Hopi words as windows to reveal the traditional beliefs, customs and spirit of the Hopi people--a novel , effective and memorable way of learning about the values and behavior of another people.

One of the most astounding things in the oral history of the Hopis is a graphic description of the cataclysmic changes that occurred to the surface of the earth when the magnetic North and South Poles switched.

Modern-day scientists say this event actually has occurred several times—the last time approximately one million years ago!

Just as astounding in the story of the Hopi is their tradition of prophecies and their incredible accuracy. They not only foresaw the coming of Europeans, they also detailed the arrival of railroads, airplanes and world wars.

Cultural Code Words of the Hopi People covers the Hopi story of how they populated the North and South American continents, and why they chose the barren, rocky mesas of northern Arizona as their final homeland. The word Hopi means “People of Peace.”

The book is available to consumers (in both digital and paperback versions) from and other online booksellers, and to the trade from Ingram Book Company and Baker & Taylor.

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