Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Asian Face Reading: Unlock the Secrets Hidden in the Human Face, by Boye Lafayette De Mente

Book Review:

ASIAN FACE READING – Unlock the Secrets Hidden in the Human Face, by Boye Lafayette De Mente. Tuttle Publishing. ISBN: 1-58290-067-1. Trade paperback, 128 pages. $8.95. Available from Amazon.com and worldwide from book distributors and other booksellers.

Everybody Does It—Automatically!
But Do You Know What You’re Reading?

Face-reading is as old as mankind (probably even older!), but few people have made a study of what the facial features say—silently—about the character and personality of a person.

Boye Lafayette De Mente, noted author of more than 50 pioneer books on China, Korea and Japan, says that the Chinese were the first to catalog the relationship between the facial features and the attitudes and behavior of people, making it possible to study and practice the art of face-reading.

More than three thousand years ago Chinese doctors and scholars began using face reading as a respectable analytical tool in all areas of life, from business and politics, but especially in matters relating to male and female relations.

As it turned out, more than half of the facial features of an individual have a direct correlation with his or her built-in sexuality—and the silent signals these features send to others.

The headings in this provocative book are self-explanatory: The ABCs of Face Reading; What the Forehead Foretells; What the Eyebrows Reveal; Reading the Eyes; What the Nose Shows; Messages from the Mouth; and Check Those Ears!

De Mente goes on to comment on the reality of face reading, and adds some advice on how you can change your fortune by changing your face (which women do all of the time with eyebrow shaping, lipstick, rouge, etc., many without realizing the message they are sending).

In the 1970s a number of leading American companies began to hire face readers to help them decide on who to hire and who to promote. Knowing what your facial strengths and weakness are might help you career-wise and well as love-wise.

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